Creating Groups in VoiceThread

Creating a group is one of the first things you will want to do. It will simplify sharing as well as organize the work that is being shared within a group. You can create as many groups as you like, but you should create at least one per course. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to create a group, and e-mail the link to your students through ANGEL.

Sharing Options in VoiceThread

By default all of these options are unchecked (VT is private only to you). You can change these settings by clicking on the “Publishing Options” button on the “Create” screen.

If you allow anyone to comment, and share the link – those with the link can comment.
NOTE: Sending the link to your students will not allow the VoiceThread to show up in users “Shared with Me” section of their My Voice Page – It is accessible through the link only.

As a workaround, students can save the VoiceThread to their “I’ve Subscribed to” section of the MyVoice page by going to the last page of the VoiceThread and clicking on the “Add to MyVoice Page” link.

Sharing a VoiceThread with a group

Creating a group is the most effective way to share VoiceThreads with your class. Sharing a VoiceThread with a group will allow it to show up on the users “Shared with Me” MyVoice Page.

If you would like to have the VoiceThread appear on the “Shared with me” page, you will need to share the VoiceThread with that group. If a group is created, click and drag VT to group. Everyone will have the same rights. To learn more about creating groups, watch the video tutorial.

Sharing a VT with individuals, or assign rights to individuals in a group
You can also share with individual contacts or groups from the Share screen.  Share your newly created VoiceThread right after it is created using “Share” from “Create” screen

You can share a VoiceThread that has already been created by clicking the gear icon on a VT you already created and click share. You can share with individuals by clicking “share” and selecting individuals or groups.

You can use the select all feature to give everyone in the group the same rights, including edit rights.
NOTE: You will only be able to grant edit rights form the Share screen.

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