Teaching and Learning with Technology is excited to announce that VoiceThread will be available for use within Canvas beginning on June 6, 2016. This integration of VoiceThread into Canvas offers new features for using VoiceThread by providing a seamless experience for instructors and students within Canvas.

What is Different?

With Penn State’s overall transition to Canvas, VoiceThread integration now goes beyond single sign-on authentication by leveraging integration technology that allows user data to carry back and forth between Canvas and VoiceThread. Here are the key features available with this integration:

  • Interfacing with VoiceThread from within Canvas:  All users will be able to interface with VoiceThread from within the Canvas environment. Instructors and students will be able to create, edit, and comment on VoiceThreads without having to launch out of Canvas.
  • Assignment Builder with gradebook: Within Canvas, instructors can use VoiceThread’s ‘Assignment Builder’ feature that VoiceThread rolled out recently in their platform. The Assignment Builder includes a grade book in which instructors can grade a VoiceThread assignment that is then automatically recorded in the Canvas grade book as well. All of this happens without the instructor having to leave the Canvas environment.
  • Automatic creation of course groups:  With this new integration, instructors that simply create a VoiceThread assignment for their course from within Canvas will, at the same time, automatically create a VoiceThread group that will have the same name as the course. This feature will effectively end the need to create groups manually within VoiceThread.

To get started with these new features, see the VoiceThread in Canvas at Penn State page for support.

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