The following list contains brief use cases of faculty and instructors throughout Penn State using VoiceThread in unique ways for teaching and learning. These use cases describe the basic designs utilized by the instructor, reported outcomes as well as possible future uses for VoiceThread.

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VoiceThread for Blended Courses in Math and Science

Neyda Abreu: Associate Professor of Mathematics and Geology, Penn State DuBois

For the summer 2014 session, Neyda Abreu, associate professor of mathematics and geology at Penn State DuBois, used VoiceThread in her courses to change the format from traditional face-to-face instruction to blended (or hybrid) courses, including EMSC 121 Minerals and Modern Society with 25 students, GEOSC 303 Environmental Geology with 12 students, GEOSC 201 Earth Materials with 12 students, and CHEM 101 Introductory Chemistry…

VoiceThread for Research Proposals

Vivian Yenika-Agbaw: Professor of Education, University Park

For the summer 2014 session, Vivian Yenika-Agbaw, a professor in the Penn State College of Education, used VoiceThread in her LLED 561 Cultural Pluralism in Children’s and Adolescent Literature course. This was a six-week online course for World Campus…

VoiceThread to Deliver Student Accountable Online Lectures
Dana Mitra: Associate Professor of Education, University Park
For the summer 2011 session, Dana Mitra, a professor in the Penn State College of Education, used VoiceThread in her “Education and Public Policy 420” course. This was a 10-week offering that was offered as an online course with an enrollment…

Using VoiceThread for Weekly Peer Topic Discussions
Sam Richards: Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University Park
This summer, the Sociology119 (Race and Ethnic Relations) course taught by Dr. Sam Richards and Dr. Laura Mulvey was taught online. To help create some of the remarkable student engagement that Sam’s resident version provides, his teaching…

VoiceThread for Conducting Module Kickoff Discussions
Megan Baril: Assistant Professor in Health and Human Development, University Park
Megan Baril, an instructor in Penn State’s College of Health and Human Development, has been using VoiceThread in her “Introduction to Human Development and Family Studies 129” course. She has been using VoiceThread…

Collaborative Digital Storytelling Device
Bill Bigos: Assistant Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Education, Penn State Harrisburg
For Bill Bigos, assistant professor of behavioral sciences and education with Penn State Harrisburg, educational technology should meet a few criteria, such as addressing a specific need and ease of use…

VoiceThread as Virtual Seminar Table
Adena Schutzberg: Senior Lecturer in Geography, University Park
Adena Schutzberg, senior lecturer in geography, uses the web-based communication application VoiceThread to serve as the “seminar table” in her online Geography 897G Trends in Geospatial Techno…

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