While importing media into VoiceThread is very simple, there are nuanced methods for doing it best. This page provides best practices related to creating slides and comments in your VoiceThread.

1. Importing PowerPoint or Keynote Slides into VoiceThread
2. Setting Up Your Slides
3. Making Your Comments

Importing PowerPoint or Keynote Slides into a VoiceThread
While you can import a powerpoint file (.ppt) directly into VoiceThread, we recommend that you do not do it that way. Doing the import directly from PowerPoint may cause your slides to scale incorrectly, especially if you have images or illustrations in your slides.

Two Best Ways to Convert

  • Save PowerPoint as a .pdf and then import the .pdf into VoiceThread
  • Save PowerPoint as a series of jpeg images and then import the jpeg images into Voicethread

1. Save as PDF and then import to VoiceThread
Both methods are better than importing a .ppt file directly, however, you will have to experiment a bit in order to determine which is best for you. We recommend trying this path:

  • Save your .ppt file as a .pdf and then import it into VoiceThread.
  • From one pdf, each slide of your PowerPoint will import as separate slides in your VoiceThread in one easy step.
  • Be sure to view each slide to ensure it imported as expected.

2. Save slides as JPEG then import to VoiceThread
Occasionally, you may have slides with illustrations or images on them that do not come in particularly well even importing the .pdf version. When this occurs, try the ‘Save As JPEG’ feature in PowerPoint.

  • Save your .ppt file slides as JPEG formatted images (using the ‘Save As’ dropdown in PowerPoint).
  • Each slide in your PowerPoint will save as a JPEG file. In this case, you would need to import each slide one at a time. This is why we recommend trying .pdf method first; it’s quicker to import the entire presentation.
  • Be sure to view each slide to ensure it imported as expected.

Using either of these two methods, you will notice that your PowerPoint slides come in much clearer and crisper than the direct .ppt import into VoiceThread.

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Setting Up Your VoiceThread Slides

  • Be sure to give your VoiceThread a title. This will help manage your VoiceThreads as you create more of them in the future.
  • Give each slide a title. Again, this helps with organization as your VoiceThread content expands.

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Making Your Comments

  • Make comments one slide at a time.
  • Only use multislide commenting to compare and contrast slides.

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