There may be no hotter topic in the educational field related to teaching and learning than “flipping the classroom” right now. For those unsure of that term, it simply refers to a model of teaching where students consume the information for a course (traditionally the “lecture” portion) outside the classroom and then do their ‘homework’ or hands-on activities in the classroom. 

Michelle Pacansky-Brock is an innovative instructor, speaker and overall high-octane advocate for leveraging web technologies for teaching and learning in higher education. In this capacity, she was an early adopter and frequent user of VoiceThread. With her background and the latest focus on “flipping” classrooms, Michelle just last week published an engaging presentation on about flipping the classroom using VoiceThread. This is part of Michelle’s recently-launched VoiceThread webinar series.

In it, she describes her own experiences in ‘flipping’ the classroom for an Art History class she teaches. Click the link to launch this vimeo presentation!

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