Creating Course Groups

Creating a group is one of the first things you will want to do. It will simplify sharing as well as organize the work that is being shared within a group. You can create as many groups as you like, but you should create at least one per course.

NOTE: Only VoiceThread Pro users (instructors) may create Groups. (Students cannot create groups)

Creating Groups Using VoiceThread

  1. Click on your login information in the top right corner of the VoiceThread screen.
  2. Select Groups & Contacts from the drop-down.  You will see any Groups that you have set up. The My Contacts tab will show any contacts that you have set up.
  3. Click +Group to create a new group.
  4. Type a name for your Group.
  5. Type a description of the Group. This is optional.
  6. Choose a Header. This is optional.
  7. Click Create Group.
  8. VoiceThread will create a Group sign up link that you can send by e-mail or embed into a web page.
  9. Click the Group Link.
  10. Copy the link and e-mail it to your students via the Communication Tool in Angel or post in a blog, yammer, or on a web site where your students will get the link from you.

When anyone with an account visits the link, they will automatically be added to the Group.

Creating Course Groups Using Angel

  1. Navigate to your course in Angel.
  2. Click Add Content. (If you are in a World Campus course, go to Activities, Add Content).
  3. Select External Tool.
  4. Give the activity a title.
  5. For tool provider, select VoiceThread.
  6. Save changes.
  7. You will now find the assignment listed in the Lesson folder.
  8. Click on the link you’ve just created.
  9. Launch the VoiceThread assignment.
  10. Select the VoiceThread assignment you would like to share with the course.

Your assignment is now included in your course.

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