Michelle Pacansky-Brock is a leading advocate for the use of VoiceThread (among other web-based technologies). Last week, she posted on a new technique she will try out this fall semester. The technique involves using multiple identities to provide different types of comments for her students.

First, know that Michelle has been using VoiceThread for 4 years as an instructor in the California system of higher education. Through her experience using VoiceThread, she has recently realized she leaves three types of comments in VoiceThread:
  • Introductory Comments
  • Sample Comments
  • Feedback Comments
The current issue she is attempting to solve is that students are unable to determine what kind of comment she has left in a particular VoiceThread (intro, sample or feedback). Check out the link below to see how she is planning to help students differentiate comments in a VoiceThread using the ability to create multiple identities in VoiceThread:

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